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Do you need commercial vehicle CCTV installation and supply for your fleet of vehicles? If so we are the company for you, offering bespoke, tailored packages. We operate UK wide supplying and Installation from single operators to large fleets. And using only qualified auto electricians or Association of vehicle Installers (AVI) engineers. All our installations are carried out to FCS 1362 UK code of practice of all ancillary equipment in all land based vehicles. Giving you peace of mind and ensuring the security and safety of your fleet.

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A wide range of vehicle safety products



A little bit about RC Fleet Installations

I am an automotive electrician by trade. I was a specialist auto electrician in the Armed Forces for twenty two years, until 2012. I have been involved in the vehicle safety industry ever since. I founded RC Fleet Installations in 2017, and gradually progressed from subcontracting towards finding work with individual clients and businesses, as my reputation as an installer of these devices became more widely known.



Qualified auto electricians / AVI accredited

Nationwide supply and installation


All products come with a One year warranty

Highly experienced and technically proficient

24/7 technical support and call out service





The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme offers many tools that help drivers and fleet managers measure and improve performance across all aspects of their operations.


Commercial Vehicle CCTV in UK DVS Kits


The Direct Vision Standard was implemented on the 1st March 2021 by transport for London who have stated all HGVs over 12 tonnes entering and leaving London must have at least a one-star rating. As from 2024 they will all require a three-star rating. The scheme will be enforced around the clock, and permits will be issued free of charge. Fines of £550 will be issued to any vehicle entering or leaving London without a permit, with the driver receiving a fine of £130 personally. All of our packages help you adhere to these regulations and help you operate safely in London.



Our new range of AHD 1080P 4 & 8 channel MDVR has added 4G /GPS and optional Wi-Fi, with up to 2TB solid state drive capacity. You can rest assured that all vital video footage will be safely stored. You can use our CMSV6 live-view platform, where you can view instant footage, and live camera, as well as providing other data such as GPS location and speed.

Commercial Vehicle CCTV in UK Side scan detection

Side scan detection

Our newest 4-sensor side scan detection system is market leading with a fully conduited main harness loom, fully conduited audible multi-voice alarm and mute switch which plugs directly into the main harness of the ECU. You can install a pillar traffic light with audible and visual display gives the driver warning at a glance OR Integrate the detection system with our AHD MDVR.


Dash cameras

Our range of Thinkware dash cams are geared towards commercial vans and cars. Offering amazing value and quality we can cater for all your needs. From single to dual cameras, all of which have AHD 4K/2K, 1080P/720P resolution with the option of SD card, Wi-Fi, and 4G remote view. From budget to high-end, all our dash cams offer quality, reliability and above all, the knowledge your footage is saved in case of rogue insurance claims, or if vital evidence is needed in the event of an accident or act of vandalism.

Commercial Vehicle CCTV in UK Dash Cameras



 Reduce risk of collisions and rogue insurance claims


 Minimises vehicle blind spots



 Lower insurance premiums


 Reduce risk of theft or vandalism





For commercial vehicle CCTV purchase and installation browse our shop or call directly on 07355047910.

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Whether it's a simple dash cam or a fully recording multi-camera system, having vehicle CCTV gives your driver greater visibility of blind-spots and what is happening around them on the road, as well as peace of mind. Drivers can also use the cameras as a visual aid when manoeuvring or making a lane change or turn. Our bespoke solutions reduce the risk of collisions and protect vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists by minimising the blind-spots. Our product portfolio includes 4 and 8-channel mobile digital video recorders, FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold packages, and DVS packages.

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