iris 360 degree surround view system


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The Iris 360 Degree system has been designed with safety in mind. The images from 4 x AHD 180 degree camera's are stitched together to give a real-time birds eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle.

Perfect for driving in busy cities , tight manoeuvring or other areas where local hazards are numerous or where there is an increased risk to individuals.

The Iris also utilises 4 x SD Cards (128GB max) for recording, and the camera's are IP69K weatherproof rated for extended durability.

One set of calibration mats are included.





Iris 360 Degree surround view kit Includes:

1 x MDVR SD card type 4 Channel (Non GPS & 4G)

4 x 180 degree camera wedge shape

1 x Monitor 

All Camera leads 4 pin aviation and a set of calibration mats included

10% Discount on any order over 10+ on single or package kits.



 MDVR Package includes:

 AHD 1080p 4 or 8 channel with ITB solid state drive included

 7 inch AHD 1080p monitor / standby mode 2x AV plugs 4 pin / 2 trigger wires / Remote

 4 or 8 camera of choice all AHD 1080p / IP168 rated to IP69K rated for side cameras

 Camera leads included 4 pin – 5m and 10m






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